Friday, February 15, 2019

Valentine's Day in Japan

We are women.
And we love each other.
Along with twelve other couples, yesterday we were in Tokyo, under the winter sun, which warms the hearts where the rulers of our time give us frost and suffering.
Yesterday was Valentine's Day and we were there to deliver a letter.
A love one.

Love words for the love that binds us.
And for the sacrosanct right to see it recognized.
Like a feeling as any other.
We wrote it with our hands.
And we did it together, one for the other.
With the same hopes, pushed by the common dream.
Because sometimes it happens that two lovers are aware of trying the same things at the same time, to the point that you don’t even need to talk to understand each other.
Nonetheless, where someone dares to question such a magic, well, then you have to find the courage to throw out the words in favor of posterity.
It’s with them that we have decided to sue the government of Japan.
With a love letter on the day dedicated to it.
We ask for right and proper attention.
About what we are.

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Friday, January 18, 2019

The equality school uniform

Once upon a time there was the school uniform, that today in Italy we call “grembiule”.
Martial as grotesque masquerade born with the fascist regime which it seems we cannot free ourselves from.

Free ourselves could be varied on freeing ourselves, and remaining on the point, freeing them, the children. To give them freedom, to teach it, among the most underestimated and absent subjects from ministerial educative programs.
That’s what Italy Interior Minister Matteo Salvini’s said, proposing the grembiule as mandatory: "There is time for fashion, and so for the dressing’s expression of personality. It’s better some healthy equality."
He forgot to say that our schools are already all the same, but not in a good way.
Many of them are in a precarious condition from the seismic point of view, deprived of toilets worthy of the name, with the absence sometimes of toilet paper, with the heating off or not working, with crumbling desks and the ceilings that lose rubble.
Nevertheless, fortunately for them, regardless of such naive attempts to imprison their imagination and vocation to be unique, the children of this country are all wonderful living symbols of diversity.
The only equality they ask is about their respective, inviolate rights to see their needs satisfied, receiving an adequate education inside welcoming and comfortable conditions, and cultivating their personal aspirations.

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Friday, December 14, 2018

A special night

There is something accurate in all of that.
I mean, it should go like that, and we have to accept it.
That's what I tried to justify to my sons, when they knew I would have been out for work, that special night. I'm just the youngest one, and also the last on time.
It’s your shift, they said...

I know, I replied.
Well, it is the meaning of an already made fate: we must welcome and get the best we can out of what arrives.
The children did not like all of that and they made me understand it in each possible way.
My wife was great to do the opposite, but I knew that she suffered even more, for lots of other reasons...

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Friday, December 7, 2018

Liza is too different

Well, I know everything.
Liza has it all of that.
My husband and I have spared nothing.
So, nobody could ever dare to speculate who she resembled more, as many used to say to couples with young kids.

From strange origins to diverse abilities – if we need to name them with a bit of love and respect.
From an original mind to an equally peculiar way of comprehending and expressing feelings and emotions.
From all that might be called imperfection, damage, disruption or not, but you notice that.
Well, you should have noticed my daughter Liza.
Anyway, I was waiting for yesterday's moment, when we came back from school…

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Friday, November 23, 2018

Diversity Stories: What if Test

That’s the story I want to talk about today.
A kind of educative tale in a form of universal method to think.
Before doing anything.
We could call it a test, if you like.
Think about what happened in China to Dolce and Gabbana racist ad.
Here is something that would have helped the company to avoid such a backlash.
What if, promoting his brand in Italy, a Chinese entrepreneur showed videos of a clumsy Italian girl unable to eat spring rolls?
In other words, what if your country was the target?
What if you were on the spot instead of others?
What if we might change place in your preferred world’s image?
What if you are us and vice-versa?
I know, that’s something old and trivial, but if it is so, why there are still so many people not using it?

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Thursday, September 6, 2018

Homosexuality no longer a crime in India

Today, Nuova Delhi.
But you could choose every town of the land, if you like.
Because today is a great one for free love.
Since yesterday loving whoever you wanted...
It was a crime.
Living with the person you wish to see every day…
It was a crime.
Embracing the creature you dream of so far…
It was a crime.
Being one with the soul you thought to be made for…
It was considered a crime.
Walking together hand in hand with who you waited for…
You might not believe it, but that’s what it is.
Or, was.
A crime.
You might not believe this too, but in many, too many other places in the world.
It still is…

Thursday, June 14, 2018

We need female composers in classical music concerts

Once upon a time there was a world where statistics show a sad reality: only 76 concerts of classical music among the 1,445 organized around the world from this year to 2019 include at least one piece of a woman.
As a result, once upon a time there was a world where 95% of the concerts involve music composed only by men.
Once upon a time there was a machist solo.
Where C and D chords count more than A.
Yet it was said juxtaposed, “give me an A”, to start the show.
Of emotions and echoes that we trivially call life.
Once upon a time there was a world out of tune, therefore.
Because trapped in a pentagram deprived of marvelous sounds...

Composer Emily Hall said: "All organisations have a responsibility to programme at least one work by a female composer, I just think that should be standard now."

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Thursday, June 7, 2018

The two raindrops

This story is from a long time ago and when I say a lot I mean really a lot.
You may say that man was still not in the world, so animals and plants.
There was not even the toilet, so, imagine how uncomfortable it was... well, it is clear, now, let’s back to the point.
There was, of course, earth and sea, sun and moon, so the clouds.
Yes, the clouds.
Among them there was a little one who made her first steps in the sky.
At the same time, the cloud was made of tiny raindrops, at the very first experience too. Among them there was one that stood out upon the others because she always had a smile on her face...

From Multicultural stories for kids: Folktales from around the world to know and understand each other

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Diversity stories of music

This story is about a very strange guitar.
In fact, while every musical instrument writes its destiny coming into the hands of people who try to fly away from the ground with soul and passion, as only a human being could, this guitar did all without it.
Because its six strings were alive.
From the bottom of the instrument, the acutest voice, there was Misbaah, followed by his older brothers, Siraaj and Solmir, his sister Redha, and finally mom and dad, Labeeb and Mindhur.

From Multicultural stories for kids: Folktales from around the world to know and understand each other

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Diversity stories of immigrants

There was once a bottle, an old one.
There was water in the bottle.
On the water you could see an ancient sailing ship, a fake one, being honest.
Nevertheless, thanks to an absurd alchemy, that ship had a crew.
I am talking about Captain Hasan and his company, a group of men who would follow his commander in any adventure and everywhere in the world.
I have never seen so much fidelity outside that bottle.
However, unlike his men, Hasan knew about the ship’s real condition: they would never leave the bottle...

From Multicultural stories for kids: Folktales from around the world to know and understand each other

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Diversity stories for kids about lions

This is a story of lions.
There was Ben, a very proud animal.
Abandoned very young by his parents, fled to not fall into the hunter’s hands, Ben lived adoring courage and strength, but above all by fueling hatred against fear.
Ben could not stand the timorous lions and disapproved anyone who did not face alone the great elephant.
A true lion did not run away from the great enemy and mystery, the fire.
One day without jumping with blind eyes did not deserve to be lived, that was his motto.
So, you can easily understand why Ben was not friendly with his own pride, more than ever for a great secret...

From Multicultural stories for kids: Folktales from around the world to know and understand each other