Friday, February 15, 2019

Valentine's Day in Japan

We are women.
And we love each other.
Along with twelve other couples, yesterday we were in Tokyo, under the winter sun, which warms the hearts where the rulers of our time give us frost and suffering.
Yesterday was Valentine's Day and we were there to deliver a letter.
A love one.

Love words for the love that binds us.
And for the sacrosanct right to see it recognized.
Like a feeling as any other.
We wrote it with our hands.
And we did it together, one for the other.
With the same hopes, pushed by the common dream.
Because sometimes it happens that two lovers are aware of trying the same things at the same time, to the point that you don’t even need to talk to understand each other.
Nonetheless, where someone dares to question such a magic, well, then you have to find the courage to throw out the words in favor of posterity.
It’s with them that we have decided to sue the government of Japan.
With a love letter on the day dedicated to it.
We ask for right and proper attention.
About what we are.

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